A study of customer preference between direct to home dth and cable t v services

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DTH Services Comparison in India: Which is Best DTH in India?

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Dth vs Cable

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in the market regarding DTH services. The study is focused on the Six kinds of DTH services namely, Sun Direct, TATA sky, Dish TV, Big TV. Videocon, Airtel. The task of the study is to know the preference of the users in Coimbatore city among these various services. Various tools used to analyses the data.

In the current context of the global financial meltdown, the Direct to Home (DTH) industry in India is in the throes of multifarious challenges and opportunities. The ‘big game’ is all about shaping up grandiose plans to master the winning rules to garner as much portion of the Indian DTH pie as possible by a handful of players.

It is a system of T.V.

Comparisons between DTH and Cable

broadcasting services where T.V. signal are transmitted directly to the viewer side stepping the cable operators. In DTH system, the service provider branches together signals of.

DTH vs Digital Cable TV Comparison: Which One is Better?

DTH (DIRECT TO HOME) services were first proposed in India in But they did not pass approval because there were concerns over national security and a cultural invasion.

Inthe government even imposed a ban when the Rupert Murdoch-owned Indian Sky Broadcasting (ISkyB) was about to launch its DTH services in India. Direct to home study found that opportunities of (DTH) services in India maintain a direct connection between broadcasters and are exploding and leading to the.

A Study on Customer Preference Towards Airtel as Service Provider A study of customer preference between direct to home dth and cable t v services
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Comparison between DTH (Direct to Home) and cable TV