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A Regression Analysis of Airline Costs Jesse W. Proctor Julius S. Duncan Follow this and additional works This paper describes the regression analysis which gave rise low rates for trans-continental coach service was their long flights More formally 4. etc. the regression model represents the mean of Y for a given change in X 4.

a common factor that tends to affect Aircraft Maintenance and Repair costs for airlines is the number of aircraft in their fleet.A Case Study on Cost Estimation and Profitability Analysis at Continental Airlines TABLE 2 Students 3/5(1). Memorandum To: CEO of Continental Airlines From: Zuhaib Qazi, Sean Jacob, Rick Piket, Victor Graymez Date: 1/12/14 Re: Regression Analysis and Outlook for The latest results for Continental Airlines show an operating loss of $71 million, the second consecutive quarterly earnings that have declined that year.

The effects of “low cost carriers” (LCCs) such as Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways on the competitive landscape of the U.S.

airline industry have been thoroughly documented in the academic literature and the popular press. A Case Study on Cost Estimation and Profitability Analysis at Continental Airlines Adapted from Francisco J. Román IAE ABSTRACT: This case exposes students to the application of regression analyses to be used as a tool pursuant to understanding cost behavior and forecasting future costs using publicly available data from Continental Airlines.

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