Conventional accounting

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Broadway offers manual accounting training in Nepal considering the conventional accounting method that is in practice in most of the organizations.

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The training covers important aspects of manual accounting such as journal and ledger preparation, recording accounting transactions, receivables and payables management and so on. In conventional accounting gains (or losses) on account of holding inventories may be mixed up with operating gains (or losses).

To determine the true operating performance, holding gains (or losses) should be segregated from operating profits (or losses). Explain the conventional accounting concept of depreciation accounting.

Discuss its conceptual merit with respect to (1) the value of the asset, (2) the amount(s) expensed, and (3) the discretion of management in selecting the method.

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prime source of revenue and cost of funds to conventional banks is charging interest through lending and accepting deposits for interest respectively. Interest is the major driver of operations of conventional.

Islamic Accounting – Principles & its Comparison with Conventional Accounting

Accounting is the conscious of the business world. When handled with care and with respect, it performs as expected.

7 Major Limitations of Historical Accounting | Accounting

When abuse occurs, and the system is circumvented or overridden because of dishonesty and greed, it doesn’t work correctly. Accounting is much like all other systems in place, they are only as good as the people using them.

Conventional accounting
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