Diamante poem writing assignment

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Diamante Poems | Examples of Diamante Poetry

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The listings will have a visual picture of these expectations by viewing them on the Internet. How to Write a Diamante Poem What is a Diamante?

A diamante – pronounced dee-uh-MAHN-tay – is an unrhymed seven-line poem. The beginning and ending lines are the shortest, while the lines in the middle are longer, giving diamante poems a diamond shape. It includes an example of a diamante poem, a list of the parts of speech required in diamante poetry, and space for students to write their own diamante poem.

Find this Pin and more on Poetry by Amy Horne. Students and the instructor choose one of the brainstormed topics and write a diamante poem together on the board / overhead screen. Optional: copy it down and add it to the class collection if a class anthology is in the works.

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Diamante poem writing assignment
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