Pranks to pull on friends while sleeping

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Sleeping Pranks including sleepover pranks

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Sleeping Pranks including sleepover pranks

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****Pranks To Do While Your Friends Are Sleeping****

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Funny Pranks

My first of a series of sleeping pranks was played on my brother when I was little. He used to snore a lot while he slept, so one day I decided to use the tape recorder to record it.

It's not even that their friends aren't aware of their behavior, either. They're perfectly aware that the person is a jerk, or a geek, or a ditz, and will frequently treat them as such based on their behavior.

The following is a list of recurring or notable one-off strips from the British adult spoof comic magazine Viz.

Pranks to pull on friends while sleeping
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Good pranks to play on sleeping people - 30 ideas (Pranks 1 to 10)