Room on a broom writing activities

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Room on the Broom

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Room On The Broom Worksheets - showing all 8 printables. Worksheets are Teachers resource room on the broom other bewitching tales, Activities based on room on the. This is a brain dump of camp activities.

If you are looking for ideas on activities you can add to your program, this list should give you plenty.

Room on the Broom Resource Set

Feel free to add any I missed in the comments section. RANGED Archery Tomahawk Throwing Knife Throwing Slingshot range Rifle Range Rock Throwing Range Crossbows Paintball Laser [ ]. A lovely Resource Pack for a counting activity based on the story 'Room on the Broom.' Encourage children to help the Witch count items into her cauldron to make a spell for a magnificent new broom!

Save for Later. Oct 11,  · Room on the Broom Activities This week we read Room on the Broom and my kids absolutely loved it!

We read it several times throughout the week and every time they are just as engaged as the first. We made a list of the characters in the order they appeared in the story using interactive writing. Then I had my students work with Author: Mrs.

Larremore. room on her broom for them all. Then calamity strikes as the broom snaps, to complete the interactive activity ‘Room on the Broom quiz’.

They should work through the activity screen-by-screen and complete writing projects and an author biography. Room on the Broom.

Room on a broom writing activities
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