Smu mba sem 3 mis summer

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Business Laws/ Legal Aspects of Business

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smu mba sem 2 summer assignments Words | 6 Pages GET SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT Rs per subject or Rs per semester VISIT Or Mail us at [email protected] SMU MBA SEM 2 SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS MB - PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT 1. SMU MBA Assignments SMU SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS.

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Total Pageviews. Monday, 28 July 2 MIS Bangalore. 3 Research Chennai. 4 Finance Bangalore. Using these tables answer the following question.

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SMU SEM 3 HCS Summer. Jul 13,  · Elective: Management Information System (Part -1) Answer: MIS is a distinct methodology in conceiving, creating, planning and implementing of all managerial functions.

An effective MIS helps to supply accurate relevant and timely information to the management of the organisation and that of a poor MIS provide inaccurate.

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Answer: According to Newman and Summer, ““Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons”.

Smu mba sem 3 mis summer
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SMU MBA ASSIGNMENT, Spring exam in july/aug bba smu bba summer II sem assignment