Tips to write a fantasy novel

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Writing Combat In Fantasy – Part One: Top Ten Tips

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The Worst Ways to Begin Your Novel: Advice from Literary Agents

That is the electric magic:. Mar 04,  · Historical Fantasy is not an easy genre write, and even harder to write well. Here are a few tips I picked up while writing my historical fantasy series, "The Year of the Dragon".Author: KMN Books.

Max Barry's book Lexicon was voted fourth best science fiction novel of the year by Goodreads, and now he's put together a (mostly serious) list of steps you'll want to take to become a writer of.

Don’t be afraid to write a paragraph here, a page there. Not everything has to be a full-fledged chapter in the early stages of novel-writing. The following are my top five tips for creating a must-read fiction series.

1. The better you plan in your early stages, the easier the following steps will be. For today’s practice, write a novel series just kidding. That would be a bit too much for a short practice. Instead, take some time to plan out a three or four-part series.

Jun 16,  · If you are going to write a fantasy novel, you should take some inspiration from other fantasy based media (movies, books, video games, TV shows etc.) Most fantasy works have magic involved in them so you mention some forms of magic such as light or dark Resolved.

Writing combat is easy. Writing good combat is harder. Below are ten points–some of them tips, some of them common mistakes–to make sure your fighters are doing/using/hitting what they should be.

1. If you’re an archer, stay out of the melee. If you have brains, and want to keep them, stay at.

Tips to write a fantasy novel
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