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Please enter specific page numbers where evidence can be found in the portfolio, or where electronic evidence is being submitted, the location of this.

Scalars and Vectors

Check Your Understanding. 1. To test your understanding of this distinction, consider the following quantities listed below.

Categorize each quantity as being either a vector or a scalar. TOC Unit 2. TOC Unit 3. TOC Unit 4. Overview. Learning Objectives. has drawn the distinction between them.

He suggested that the word ‘sex' be used to refer to the physical differences between men and women, while the term ‘gender' be used in connection to the behaviour and cultural practices of men and women.

Distinction. Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT). You may be subject to the Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT). NIIT is a % tax on the lesser of net investment income or the excess of modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) over the threshold amount.

Health and Safety in the Public Services Assessment 4 x Pass Criteria 2 x Merit Criteria 2 x Distinction Criteria There are 2 Assignments in this unit. Program helps young adults find employment. Last summer, Vinny Barbati had enough of working in retail and decided he needed a change.

The year-old Selinsgrove Area High School graduate connected with the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit’s YES to the Future Program and interned at the Milton center in order to gain skills and experience in a preferred field.

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