Writing macros

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Free book: Macros for Editors Macros for Editors is a free book, which you can download (version: 14 November ). It contains over macros that will help with a range of different tasks around writing and editing using Microsoft Word.

User macros are useful if you want to create your own custom macros. These can be to perform specific actions, apply custom formatting and much more. Writing Word Macros: An Introduction to Programming Word using VBA [PhD Steven Roman] on video-accident.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Quick start: Create a macro

Many Microsoft Word users and VBA programmers don't realize the extensive opportunities that exist when Word's Object Model is accessed using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This page contains useful hacks to improve your huntering. If you're new to the world of macros, then please read the FAQs and Basics sections below.

If you are familiar with macros and just want to get to the goods, then click here to get right to it. All macros on this page are copy/paste ready, so have at it!

I hope you find my collection of hunter macros useful. CString: A string data type. If the UNICODE preprocessor symbol is defined, this compiles as a type that holds bit wide characters, terminated with a bit NUL (CStringW); if the UNICODE preprocessor symbol is undefined, this compiles as a type that holds 8-bit characters, terminated with an 8-bit NUL (CStringA).: CStringA: A string data type.

Python for Lisp Programmers

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Writing macros
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